Sports Injury

Chiropractic For Sports Injuries

Sports Injury Treatment in Inver Grove Heights MNActivities can exert a tremendous amount of stress on the spine and joints. Doctors Tony and Sarah Nguyen treat not just the specific location of pain, but the areas radiating out from it as well.

We help our patients to prevent injury by removing interference from the nervous system, allowing the body to work at 100%.  We also have contacts at several local gyms to offer patients the best care on their journey to wellness.

Preventing Injury

Often, sports injuries can be prevented. We help our patients to prevent injury by teaching proper conditioning, warm-up, and cool-down techniques for each sport or exercise activity.

Services Provided

Our doctors and provide a wide range of services including:

  • Therapeutic Exercises
  • Wellness and Nutritional Coaching
  • Neuromuscular Rehabilitation
  • and More…
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